E2 TRM is flexible and versatile

Initial setup is easy and fast. Yet the system is customized to your best practice. Good tools enable you to further develop your way.

The E2-platform adjusts to the way you do business, not vice versa. Implementation is fast, and after initial configuring and training independent maintenance is effortless. In the initial configuring your risk policies are carefully modeled, reports and operating procedures are set up. All calculations are made with the E2's graphical analysis tool. No programming skills are required. This makes the calculations easy to review and develop further.

E2 TRM is built for advanced analysis, and has a multitude of tools that help in both routines and ad hoc analysis. The live market feeds reduce the need for updating routines and automatically updating reports free up time for decision-making. The system is configurable to new markets and products. This has a tremendous benefit in a constantly changing environment.