What makes E2 TRM the tool for you?

Streamline your cash flow analysis.

  • E2 TRM brings automation to data mining and refining. Time spent on manual calculation routines and data gathering diminishes.
  • E2 TRM adjusts according to your risk policies, not vice versa. The system is configured to suit your needs and its implementation is fast.
  • E2 TRM is designed to be flexible and transparent. Modifications and maintenance require no skills in programming.
  • E2 is compatible with a range of spreadsheet programs and file formats. Excel-sheets can be imported and exported to other programs for further analysis.
  • E2 TRM can easily be integrated into an existing ERP system, which brings together accurate market data and internal feeds of trade volumes, targets and forecasts.
  • E2 TRM runs a powerful calculation engine built specifically for time series and financial analysis. Creating and modifying analysis tools is simple with the graphic editor.
  • E2 TRM has been developed with and for companies on the Nordic energy market.
  • IntStream is a provider of real-time Nasdaq OMX Commodities data feeds. E2 can be fed with data from other external providers as well as sources within your company.
  • IntStream provides the E2 TRM software as a service and strives towards a partnership where customers benefit from continuous product development and new features. Close co-operation ensures that support and expertise are never far away.
  • E2 TRM can be upgraded to include the functions of the separate E2 SALES service.