E2 TRM is an extensive business intelligence system

E2 TRM can be used as guide to profitable decisions in the constantly changing world.

E2 TRM is designed more to cash flow modeling than to assessing Value-at-Risk figures. This makes the system more suiting to a utility that has thermal production. In this context, the E2 TRM can be harnessed to serve the entire organization, and when implemented correctly, functions as a true business intelligence system. Real time market data is coupled with feeds of critical internal information to bring all aspects of success into one system.

Decisions are made with the information available at the time

A journey through time is effortless with E2 TRM. Our sources provide you with vast amounts of relevant market data to be analyzed from various angles. Historic databases make sure that older traders, expired products, market changes and subsequent decisions made are never further than a click away.

Cultivating and sharing data has also been made easy. Data feeds are easily added for deeper insight of the market. Graphical features support the creation of illustrative and accurate reports.