E2 SALES - When time and timeliness are of essence

E2 SALES keeps your pricing up-to-date and helps to keep procurement in sync with sales.

In E2 SALES, each customer is presented as a portfolio of offers, sales and hedging agreements, trades and hourly consumption forecasts. Portfolios can be managed individually or pooled together according to your preferences. Risk assessments are based on hourly price and consumption forecasts. The price forecast is always up-to-date with the latest market prices. The histories of customer relationships are free for scrutiny, leading to high transparency and ease in reporting.

The development in offer and contract bases can be analyzed from a range of angles. Agreed delivery levels, prices and capacity needs still open can be zoomed in for an individual customer. Sales efforts can thus be directed and timed correctly. On the other hand, views on the entire customer base or parts of it reveal a great deal on past changes and future movements. All data is directly available in terms of electricity, which makes timing procurement endeavors accurate and efficient.